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The Beauty of Slate Roofs and Slate Roofers

Slate roofers are probably the most criminally “unheard” two words ever.

First off, slate roofers? That, honestly, sounds like food, or I’m just hungry. Second of all, what even are they? Okay, they have something to do with roofs. But what exactly are they? Well, let me show you the magic of slate roofs and slate roofers!

Look, roofs aren’t the most appealing subject to talk about, but I’m sure you’re reading this because it’s either you’re curious or you’re doing some research, or… you’re just plain bored. (It’s a pleasure, though, for you to read this blog.)

So, to better understand a few terminologies, let’s take it from the top. (See what I did there?)

We all know roofs. A roof is a structure that covers your house from the rain, snow, or the blaring gaze of the sun. It’s the protection that settles on top of your house and is, perhaps, the most overlooked of all the parts of the house.

Okay, now, roofs come in a variety of types and materials that are targeted for a specific need of a homeowner. For example, aesthetic. We want to match the roof with the style of the house. Every kind and material serve a purpose or two.

There is a wide gamut of materials to choose from, and I tell you, it’s quite difficult to find the fitting material for your roof. You have to narrow down to your wants and needs and picture the roof itself to make the best choice.

From metal to tile, to slate. There’s a lot. (See our metal roofers).

Since it is mentioned in the intro and in the title, we’re moving on to the sauce of this blog, and that is the wonders of slate roofs and roofers.

Slate, as you may know, is a fine-grained metamorphic rock which is used as material, not only for roofing but also for floor tiles, countertops, wall cladding, tub and shower enclosures, and even blackboards.

Yes, slate is that amazing.

It’s resilient to cracks, scratches, and chipping. Furthermore, it has a low absorption rate, sparing it from frost damage and freezing. May I add the fact that the slate is fireproof. It also comes with this unique aesthetic that goes with the colors of black, gray, green, red, and purple. All in all, a good material for a roof.

Slates come in tiles or shingles, and the installment of them depends on the angle of the roof and the dimensions of the tiles. When it comes to actually attach each and every slate tile is where it gets tricky. Slate tiles are heavy and they weigh between 800-1500 pounds per square.

To install slate tiles, you’ll need to be careful about placing the nails.

We have this thing pertained to as the underlayment—serves as additional protection under the slates. The nails shouldn’t be over-driven—the nail is too deep that it messes with the underlayment and shouldn’t be underdriven—the nail is too shallow that it messes now with the slates. It should be just right.

Poor installation of roofs can result in a lot of bad things like leaks, unsymmetrically placed shingles, and a lot of no-gos.

This is where slate roofers come in. Roofers are the people that help you with all your roofing needs. Slate roofers are those that specialize in installing slate roofs, and they are so helpful! 

Contacting slate roofers to do the installment for you, sparing you from all the trouble like poorly installing your roof and handling the job all by yourself. For a cheap price, they can repair, install, and fix all your roof problems in a nick of time! 

If your slate roof needs a bit of a fix, instead of putting the task on your hands, reach out to a slate roofer!